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Shannon Tomac

Serving the metro DC, Maryland and Virginia region

logos + branding hand lettering
social media graphics
illustration  cafe/menu boards
package design teaching arts
targeted email marketing campaigns
publication layout + ads


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design with AUTHENTICITY

When your business, your school or your event requires creative content—whether it’s a logo to define your brand, a marketing postcard, or a craft project for engagement—what will define your solution (and success)?

Maybe designers are “a dime a dozen”... anyone with a device and internet access can create, and there is AI that builds something out of nothing except virtual intelligence. But what will happen as we shift away from a world framed by artists and the depth of human experience to a world interpreted and built by software and robots (and Fiver gig workers)?!! I wonder if our art and media will start to be “null” of beauty, hope, drama and surprise. Without emotional, personal art, how will we connect with our tribe, our community? 

Trust me with your project, and I will build from my personal “Element of Design” toolkit, which is 20+ years of visual arts experience; 10 years of teaching; and a lifetime of exploring, experimenting and making. I will deliver Design with Authenticity that will help you achieve memorable, impactful results (and sustain the depth and passion of our world). 

Our Philosophy
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