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Crafty Ants

Crafty Ants is Shannon’s teaching artist side-project, with a nod to all the amazing female artists and educators in her family (including “aunts” :). When the COVID-19 crisis turned the world upside-down in 2020, Shannon’s life was no exception. She was lost for studio work and quarantined at home with her seven-year old daughter. They naturally turned to craft projects as a way to cope, stay busy, learn and have fun all at the same time. They even started to host free live arts and craft demos for kids online! So out of this “silver lining” experience, Crafty Ants was born. The pandemic has ended, but the need and demand for engaging activities for kids (and their busy, stressed caregivers!) remains. Shannon is available for out-of-school time teaching roles, private visual arts activities like "Paint Night" or birthday parties, and even custom craft kit design.

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